Tragedy & Triumph

About the Author

Kathrin Rudland has written stories, poetry, and magazine articles about her travels in the Arctic, Africa, the Far East, and Europe. An avid history buff, Kathrin lived near the site of the Elmira POW camp for twenty years. She now resides in Greensboro, Georgia, with her husband, William. This is her first novel.

From Kathrin:

I lived not far from Elmira, New York for twenty years and grew to appreciate its surroundings, people and remarkable history. During the years I attended Elmira College working towards my Masters degree, I met many local residents from surrounding towns who understood little of the role Elmira’s citizens played before and during the Civil War.

While living in the South and visiting Civil War battlefields and sites, I gained some understanding of the attitudes and beliefs of southerners and about that crucible time in their own history. The Civil War changed them physically, emotionally and spiritually into a bond that endures to this day.





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